About Us

Rizwan AbdulAziz, BCom, FSA
Actuarial Director

   Rizwan AbdulAziz joined Taha Actuaries & Consultants in 2012. He comes with an experience of more than sixteen years in the field of traditional insurance as well as Takaful. His diverse career spans extensive work in life insurance, general insurance and employee benefits. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, USA with specialization both in Investment and Life Insurance which provides him understanding of both sides of the balance sheet.

   Before joining Taha Actuaries & Consultants, Rizwan worked for one of the world's largest multi-national insurance companies in the UAE at a senior level. Previously he was an Actuarial manager for a multi-national third party service provider of Takaful also in the UAE.

   Rizwan started his career working at one of the world's biggest Takaful companies and the largest life insurance company in Pakistan. Throughout his career, he provided strategic and analytical inputs to the management of his company which played key roles in their overall business planning.

   Rizwan is a seasoned actuary with practical knowledge and experience of all the aspects of actuarial work. He is a recognized domain specialist in launch of new insurance companies covering all the aspects of the process. He also has numerous experiences in the field of testing and management of policy administration and actuarial systems.

   Rizwan is proactive and highly focused with strong analytical skills and logical approach to problem solving.