Insurance Companies

Insurance companies play a vital role in an economy. In the GCC, this role becomes more critical due to lower penetration rates of insurance in the region. This territory is going through substantial regulatory changes, requiring more involvement and input from actuaries than ever before. Taha Actuaries & Consultants, provide a full spectrum of services to insurance companies – from traditional to Takaful and from medical to life to general. The services that we offer include:


   Product Development

   Pricing and rate making of products

   Loss Reserving and valuation of liabilities

   Reinsurance modeling, reinsurance comparisons and advice

   Product approval from the regulator

   Other regulatory support

   Business Planning and regulatory report for a start-up company

   Financial impact of launching new products

   Appointed Actuary role

   Trend Analysis

   Data Mining

   Regulatory Compliance and approvals

   Financial Projections

   IT systems implementation and testing (policy administration and actuarial)

   Cash flow modeling with Embedded Value and Appraisal Value

   Bancassurance and distribution compensation analysis

   Due diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions


   Actuarial opinion

   Wellness and Disease Management program design and ROI (Return On Investment) calculation